Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Most of your questions can probably be answered by our handy FAQ section below. If not, you can use the contact us page or Facebook messenger to get in touch. We’ll be happy to help.

I'm not sure whether to get a selection box or a Tea Club Membership

Our individual teas and selection boxes are ideal if you you’re gifting to someone, or just want to try some tasting. Each selection box shows you exactly what teas you will be getting, so that you can be choosy about what to taste.

Once you are comfortable with our selections, you may want to consider our Tea Tasting Club Membership, which gets you significant savings by committing to 6 or 12 monthly selections in advance. Each month we will recommend 3 teas, and then provide you an online form to choose your 3 teas for the month. It could not be easier! What’s more, as a member, you’ll get 20% off single teas and selection boxes. All the more reason to keep the tea cupboard stocked!

How does the Love Tea Tasting Club work?

Our Tea Tasting Club Membership(6 month or 12 month) allows you to prepay a number of monthly selections of 3 teas, and lock in great savings!

Every month, we will contact you with a link to choose your 3 teas for the month. You can either go with our recommendations, or pick your own. This gives you a convenient way to taste new teas when you’re feeling adventurous, or choose familiar favourites when you get nostalgic.

All our member selections are delivered in our no-frills envelopes, and we even throw in a free infuser in your first delivery.

What’s more, as a member you also get 20% off all selection boxes and single teas!

What does the monthly Tasting Club pack contain?

Your first pack will include a welcome card and brewing guide to help you get started. We also like our customers to be able to start tasting immediately, so we send you a tea infuser in your first pack.

Each month for the duration of your membership you will get to choose the 3 teas you’d like to receive. You can go with our suggestions or pick your own!

I've received a tea I don't like. What can I do?

We all have different tastes, and from time to time you may receive a tea that doesn’t suit yours. We do our best to provide a varied tasting experience, and hope that enough tea within each pack is to your liking to make the experience worth while. We recommend sharing the undesired tea with family members or friends, and by all means let us know what you liked and didn’t like so that we may improve our selections in the future.

We have a 100% Satisfaction guarantee, so if you are unhappy about any of the teas that we supply or for any other reason, please first contact us at or through Facebook Messenger and we will do our best to resolve any issues.

If you are on our Tea Tasting Club Membership, and you received a tea you absolutely do not like, not to worry. With our swap-my-tea service, you can let us know and we will send you a replacement tea in your next pack.

How much tea will I get?

This depends on your purchase. All selection boxes show the weight of tea on the product page, and an estimate of the number of cups the tea would yield. 

All of our tea is premium loose leaf tea and as such most of these teas are suitable to be infused more than once, good for making twice the number of cups if re-steeped.

If you are keen on cooking and baking, you may also consider trying your hand at some tea infused recipes. Our blog features recipes and food pairings put together by our curators to help explore tea further than just sipping.

I've never used loose leaf tea. How is this different from a tea bag?

Tea bags are usually prefilled with around 2.5g of processed loose leaf tea. While this is convenient, it can take away from the experience of tea tasting, since you are not able to fully smell or adjust the quantity of tea. The leaves also undergo a lot of processing, which takes away from their quality.

Brewing loose leaf tea is very easy. The key is to contain the loose leaves such that they do not disperse in the water. This is done by using tea filters or an infuser. Simply place the desired amount of loose leaf tea in the infuser (usually around 1 teaspoon, or 2.5 g), and place it in the hot water for brewing. Refer to the brewing guide in your first mailer or our blog for the ideal brewing time and water temperature. Each tea pouch also shows these instructions.

We also have a brewing guide here.

I need something I can wrap. What is the packaging for boxes?

If you need something that you can wrap as a gift, we recommend going for a selection box. These come in our branded LoveTea boxes, delivered in Amazon style wrappers.

Have other requirements? Speak to us, we love to help out where we can.

I'm moving for a couple of weeks, can I pause my Tasting Club Membership?

Sure. You can skip a month if you like. In these cases we need to know by the 25th of the month before. We will resume your membership automatically from the following month unless you inform us otherwise.

Please note that your membership status will be on pause during this time, so the 20% member discount will not apply until you re-activate your membership.

What is the shelf life of your teas?

Our tea comes in sealed zip foil pouches that protect the tea from moisture, smell, sunlight and other conditions that may adversely affect the quality of the tea. Sealed tea should remain good for at least a year. Beyond this time, there may be some quality loss.

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery is free on all of our selection boxes and Tasting Club monthly packs. For single teas, the shipping cost is shown at checkout depending on the weight of the tea.

We deliver via MaltaPost registered mail, which reaches both Malta and Gozo, and requires a signature for delivery.

We strongly suggest choosing a delivery address where you are likely to be found. This can be a workplace address or a relative that is more available to accept packages if you are not home.

Do you deliver to Gozo?

Yes. They love tea too!

How do I pay? Can I pay monthly?

We support payments through Paypal and Credit Cards on our payment portal.

Currently we are only offering prepaid Tasting Club Membership plans. This means that the full amount of the membership duration is paid up front, with a considerable discount for the longer durations.

If you are interested in paying monthly, please let us know on, as this is a service that we may be introducing.

I've moved. How do I change my address?

Simply send us an email on and we will change your address in our mailing system.

To ensure that your next pack gets to the right address, please make sure to inform us of address changes by the 25th of the month before the next issue. (For example, if you want your address to be changed for the March issue onward, please inform us by the 25th of February).

I've just signed up for the Tasting Club. When does my first tea pack arrive?

As soon as your payment is confirmed, we will set your status as a member on the website and you will have access to the ‘Choose my teas’ section. From here you can start choosing your teas for the first month. We usually ship within 3 days of receiving your choices.

From then on, you will receive a reminder from us every month to make your monthly choice of tea. It really could not be simpler!

What about gifting the Tasting Club membership to someone else? How does that work?

In this case, we recommend going for the Tasting Club Gift voucher. Simply choose between 3 or 6 months, and after checkout we will send you a Voucher code which your lucky receiver can use to set up their subscription at their own leisure.

Where can I buy more of the teas that were featured in one of your packs?

Our online shop is stocked with a selection of our teas which can be purchased as singles. Please note that newer teas are reserved for Tasting Club members for first choice, after which they are made available for purchase on our website.