100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our first priority is your enjoyment of our teas. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please speak to us on Facebook or at info@theloveteapeople.com so that we can address your concerns in the most practical manner. If you are still not happy with your purchase, we will refund you the entire purchase price. We also offer a free swap-my-tea service on our Tea Tasting Club Membership. If you receive a tea that you didn’t like, please let us know and we will send you a different blend in your next pack. You can even keep the tea you didn’t like.

Free Delivery

We offer free delivery on all our selection boxes and Tea Tasting Club monthly deliveries. Purchases of single teas are charged a nominal shipping fee. As yet, we are not open for international orders through our website, but please speak to us if you are interested.

No-frills packaging

Love Tea has a no-frills packaging policy. We ensure that the teas themselves get to where they need to go, without the extra packaging fillers that you may find with other vendors. This means no crepe paper, shredded paper or elaborately printed boxes. This hits two of our main targets.
  1. Firstly, we want a ‘green’ product. This is why you will not find any single use plastics in our packaging, and all cardboard and paper is recyclable.
  2. Secondly, it allows us to deliver a fairly priced tea tasting experience, where the bulk of the price you pay actually goes towards the teas you drink.
Our no-frills mailing envelopes are used for all subscriptions, allowing us to give even better prices. These envelopes are internally padded and waterproof, ensuring your monthly teas get to you safe and sound. Our no-frills boxes are used for all our one-time selection packs. We understand these are very popular products for gifting, and a box tends lends itself better to wrapping. The boxes are plain white, with our Love Tea logo on them, for a clean finish. All our boxes are shipped in protective ‘Amazon’ style wraps, so that the box itself remains as neat as possible.


No-frills padded envelope

Padded and waterproof – this workhouse of the Love Tea brand will get your teas to you safely and without much fuss!


No-frills box

Gives a sturdy exterior, perfect for when you want to wrap a Love Tea selection box as a gift.